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Sales Page/Lead

A sales page/lead is basically a webpage that is used to sell any service or product. The page provides necessary information to the reader for making a purchase. We design sales pages in exemplary way that can increase conversions by 50 percent.

Sales Page/Lead conversion starting at only $80 Turnaround : 8 working hours

Sales Page/Lead

Sale and lead

Our service of sales page/lead is very much interesting, informative as well as persuasive, hence is a very challenging thing to do. Our designers create appealing and alluring pages that are quite stunningthat are highly effective to boost sales. We customize it as per your need, add some audio or video elements on your preference and give it a distinct look that appeals the visitors.

The service our designersoffer is persuasive and totally comprehensive. They put their thoughts, efforts and valuable experience in creating sales page for the required programs and products. You can avail this service any time when you are in need to sell your product or service.

Create Valuable Sales Page/Lead That Will Make A Difference To Your Business.

Sales Page/Lead

We add a variety of interactive features to the sales page/ lead as every good product needs a good sales page to attract the readers. The features of a good sales page include:

  • Headlines, sales copy and a call to action
  • Relevant visuals to keep the readers attracted
  • Videos, layouts with multiple tabs to explain product features, etc.
  • Social media elements
  • Mobile layouts

The several features for your sales page/lead not just adds elegance to the page but gives the visitors a chance to click on particular items. The readers will be able to take necessary actions and it will fetch the purpose of your business. We provide a truly engaging experience to the visitors so your business goals can be met accurately.

Company Client Lukasz Switzerland
Lukasz Ochnik

“The sales page created by I code breakers designers is flawless. It has all the sales components which are dressed up wonderfully and has increased sales commendably. I recommend this company to every organization. Thanks a lot.”

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Sono Supplies
Sono Supplies

We will always respect your church’s giving as an act of worship in a sacred space. We will work endlessly to empower you to transform your community through generosity. We will support you holistically to engage every single person in your church with God’s vision for your community to the very best of our ability.

Generosity is a characteristic of God, and it transforms people’s lives. The relationship between a giver and their church is sacred. More people want to give than actually give. More people will give if it’s easier, relational, and understandable. Finally, we believe that a church where everyone is generously giving is unstoppable, and will transform its community.

Technologies involved: HTML/CSS, Jquery, Bootstrap.

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