Top Reasons Why Most Sites Fail To Get Google Rankings

Jagdeep Bajwa / November 6, 2018

The world is going crazy for the top SEO hacks, techniques to get their sites ranked for top searched terms. But what most of us forget is the basis is what can get you up over others. Hacks can allow you to get more backlinks, authority but these things are not what Google bots actually require. Let me tell you what Google rankings Exactly want:

What SEO actually mean?

SEO doesn’t mean fancy terms like backlinks, link farms, Domain authority and so on. SEO is a basic process that focuses on producing the most relevant content for the query raised on the SERP. The first and foremost step for SEO is that your website should be indexable and the bots shall pick up the relevant information from your website. All the other factors are secondary to that. That is why On Page or On-Site SEO is considered as the irreplaceable thing that is applied in the overall strategy.


Why Do Most People fail in SEO?

Most people fail in ranking their sites up because they focus more on link building and less on the indexing of their website. Technical elements of the website like the title, descriptions, meta and much other play the most crucial role for Google to decide the subject or Genre of the site. If your website fails in providing the right answers to these queries, the possibility of SEO failure increases to up to 200 times.

What to focus?

If you are starting a new website or your existing website is not performing well over google, it is the right time to get back to the basics. You need to analyze the following points :

>> Is your website indexed over Google

>> Are the titles properly added to your pages

>> Are the meta tags updated

>> Do you have an XML sitemap created

>> Is the robot.txt file updated

>> Is your website mobile friendly

>> Is your website plagiarism free

>> Are the internal links updated properly

>> Is your website having a privacy policy page

>> Is there any script issue

>> Is your coding structure clean

Most of these terms sound alien to a person who is not familiar to the SEO. But if you are facing such an issue, we are here. Get a FREE SEO AUDIT where we will check all such issues and provide you the solutions to fix these issues.

After fixing these issues, your website SEO health improves and now it is ready to get into the link building game. Do remember to make your website absolutely healthy before sending into the courtyard of SEO where it will compete with other websites.

I will be sharing one trick that can help in lowering your efforts and maximizing your results to gain rankings over Google. The trick to rank higher is:


Most of the modern SEO masters won’t tell you but all of them use this trick to lower their efforts and save their time. Just imagine if you have to beat your competitor in backlink count and you get the list of all of their backlinks. Life would be so easy for you as you just have to get a link back from all those sites and then just sit back and wait till those links get approved and you are on the top of Google.


Although it sounds easy, that’s not FREE. You need to buy tools that may cost up to $500/month to get these backlinks.

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