Social Media Trends To Watch Out In 2K19

Jagdeep Bajwa / January 19, 2019

Social media has today become an extension of human expression and on an average, a smartphone user spends an average of 50 minutes while browsing through their social media feeds.

Thanks to the easy internet access; people are now more connected, active and can share this virtual space with a person that might be physically somewhere else Broadly, speaking we have now able to conquer space, time or any other physical dimension that were preventing human interaction.

As more and more people are connecting in the loop; it becomes a potential ground for companies to engage with those users and persuade them to use their service.

For example, if you’re able to crack the code to make visitors to like, share and comment on your page; then you could easily stand out from the crowd and establish yourself as a brand.

Here Are Top 10 Trends To Watch Out This Year
1. Stories and Experiences That People Can Relate To

Social media is primarily designed for celebrities (well, that’s the truth) we all are more concerned in knowing what’s going on in their life, where they’ve been to holidays, who they are dating and what not. All this consumes almost 90% of a user’s time and the remaining 10% goes to the family, friends etc.

So, do you think, people would like to buy a tee or a pair of shoes from you especially on social media?

Probably not many and that’s the main reason why instead of having a great volume of audience, monthly visitors; you aren’t able to convert them.

On analyzing more than 100K Social media pages ranging from health care, sports, lifestyle, supplements, clothing; we’re able to accumulate the essence about what runs well and what doesn’t?

More than 70% of posts that got maximum engagement had almost no promotional element that might influence visitors.

It was confessed by Facebook’s Chief Product officer that Stories are set to surpass feeds as the primary way people share things with their friends within the next year. And nearly a billion users across WhatsApp, InstagramFacebook, and Snapchat already turn to Stories to share.

We’ve experienced the growth of stories will grow multiple folds and the realistic ones with less CTA will perform better than the ones with tons of bragging and promotional elements.

2. Interacting With Messages Gives a Personal Touch

The year 2K18 was not so great for social media, the Cambridge Analytical and data breach has made Mark Zuckerberg and Sundar Pichai to appear before Congress as they passively weren’t able to prevent the privacy of users.

There were quite a lot of questions that were ditched and somehow it took away the trust factor completely. The constant retargeting, Ads have made it extremely annoying for the user to trust a brand, especially on social media. Often, times brands enable bots for messaging and that leads to losing the trust of the user.

So, if you are looking to really make a connection, try to make it a genuine one.

3. An Interactive Video is Must

You must have noticed about the number of views a cat or car video gets on social media. Similarly, if your posts aren’t getting much of the engagement, maybe your audiences aren’t the reading side and it’s time to switch to videos.

An average of total 73% Americans engages with YouTube! It means that in order to reach those people all you need to do is to have a couple of interesting videos ready so you can pour them.






During a recent study conducted by an American University; it was found that digital marketing has now tilted towards the videos and more than 63% conversions that had come in past years were from videos.

4. LinkedIn Ads Are Getting More Conversion Especially When You’re In B2B

Ads have always been the necessary friction that keeps the car’s balance on the road. And, if you are pitching your services to other businesses then there’s no better platform than LinkedIn.

The numbers have been amazing as more than 60 percent B2B marketers used paid methods to distribute content while 80 percent said they used them to reach a new audience.  For this LinkedIn has added a new feature called Dynamic Ads for you to personalize paid Ad content and foster more genuine communication.

5. Quality Content Still Matters A lot

Consider yourself as a customer; who are looking for a pair of sneakers, so while scrolling through the news feed, you found a nice pair with special discount.  And, as soon as you click; it turns out to be something that isn’t so awesome.

So make sure to add as much as value to your content that would help benefits your SEO for better ranking and results.

Well, that’s what happens in most of the cases; we advise you to work on creating content that’s specific, relevant and satisfy the user’s intent.

To Sum Up

We hope you had a great time going through our blog and will surely implement the above-mentioned strategies in the upcoming year.

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