Social Media and Marketing Services: Top 5 Hacks To Stay Ahead of Your Competitor

Avleen Kaur / October 25, 2018

Viral isn’t just a statement anymore, it’s what drives traffic for you and gets people on the lead magnet. Over the past couple of years, people from all walks of life are using social media not only to connect with their friends and family but also to choose a brand!

Having a decent social media account can be the secret door for you, it can generate direct sales, builds up brand’s authentication and helps it in establishing in the industry, if despite having a perfect strategy, having a great sales team, thousands of followers and regular flow of both creative and promotional content, you aren’t able to stand out? Well, here’re some hacks That Would Help You in Reaching out More People Without spending much in those Lavish Social media marketing packages.

1. Reviews Make a Whole Lot of Difference

In a recent data explained by famous data analytics firm of US, it was seen, almost 75 -85 percent of people before putting their money in, practice to read all the reviews mentioned on the social media platforms, especially those by the users.

What Are The Advantages and How Efficiently They Can Save The Day For You

  •  The Stars Talks More Than Words

Suppose you’re a customer and during this festival season, you thought of buying a smart TV, there are primarily, two way of getting it, first being a more traditional and orthodox approach, you might go out to a store or otherwise, can place an order on a decent E-Commerce store.

But, before you place an order on any of them, there’s always one tiny-tinny variable that if considered can actually make a lot of difference. Ask yourself, what’s the one thing that acts as a deciding factor? Well, it’s the Yellow stars that are sometimes all colored or half empty.

“Reading the Reviews Is All About knowing the experiences that were shared by the Customers, and what are their thoughts about them”

  • Make Them Count

Remember, the first thumb rule of marketing, i.e. word of mouth still weighs a lot more than all those digitally marked Ads, having a good number of reviews benefits the whole image of the brand, not only it adds to the authenticity value, but can also play an important role for Ads.

2. Post Variation(s) Is The Secret Weapon

Would you like to have some bread and butter with fresh orange juice? Yeah, that’ll be perfect! Now, let me ask you this question for the whole month?

Would it still excite you? Probably not! Well, that’s the case with the social media posts too, your audiences are looking for some sort of excitement and fun, keeping it all over the month won’t make an impact.

  • The Regular Social Media Post Format

#Step Number 1: The Caption

The textbook approach of making a perfect social media post is staying close with texts, an ideal approach is reflecting all about your product or service and hoping it to make an impression on the reader’s mind.

#Step Number 2: Images

7 out of every 10 individuals would rather go for a picture than text. Posts having relevant images are appreciated twice against a text-based post.

#Step Number 3: Hashtags

It’s like the vehicle that takes you from one place to another, suppose you’ve just posted an article “Top Tricks for Digital Marketing in 2018”, what do you think would be a great way to make it more reachable to the masses?

Well, only 7-8 percent of articles are able to get enough engagement (Comments + Shares + Likes) and the rest 93 aren’t able to get enough attention. It’s like if you haven’t able to make your product to reach out more and more and the number of people that even if it has all the substance, it won’t matter much.

The Perfect Strategy = The Captions + HD Images + Hashtags

Be it funnel, lead generation or lead magnet, each one is designed to fulfill only one purpose, i.e. to drive traffic and generate the sale.

Mixing up your content calendar would automatically engage the audience (It’s the Factor of surprise) Plan your posts in such a manner, that, it keeps the audience engaged.

Always remember, “The more you post, the higher your chances are of getting big traffic numbers”

3. It’s a Pole Time

Who’s your favorite player?

 CR7
 Leo Messi
 Luka Modric

For, those of you who are from another planet, the mentioned names are most trending players in the world of football. Making these big guns standing against each other on social media would guarantee a decent level of engagement.

Try them and you’ll feel the difference.

4. Follow Their Followers To Find What They Are Offering

Suppose you’re in the business of sporting goods, and just recently you launched the cheapest baseball bat in its class, despite having all the amazing details and benefits, you aren’t able to sell most of them, what do you think is the reason, behind it?

Build a strategy and learn about what, sort of strategy of your closest competitors, how are they able to drive traffic, what kinds of social media post do they share, what are the hashtags they are using.

Based on two or three, you could easily get enough idea and add some of your creative variables to gain
maximum results.

5. Don’t Brag About Being The Best

There could be n reasons that make you feel about the accomplishment that you’ve gathered, but it absolutely doesn’t mean that you are the best. There might be days, where you are flying like an F-16, but that absolutely doesn’t mean it to be true.

Presenting your posts in such a manner that they just don’t look incredible pushy is the right way. Forget
to use “I, Me and Myself” because you know, it won’t matter that much.

Final Say

Social media and marketing services have always been one of the most important strategies in reaching out to the audience, a little too much or too less wouldn’t make it work for you. Make sure to engage more people and build your audience. We hope you had a great time going through our write up and will surely implement them in social media strategy.

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