SEO Service Company: Prominent Link Building Strategies for SEO

Sunil Dogra / February 8, 2019

As all we know link building is the process to link other websites to the main website; subsequently, backlinks are playing a dominant role in securing a better place in ranking as per Google’s algorithm.

The techniques cited are effective at beginner, intermediate and advanced level. To make link building strategies into effect, you can take the help of any SEO Service Company. Apart from building strategies, there are other crucial factors which are directly influencing the ranking, know more by clicking this link.

Have a look below to know more about creating powerful backlinks.

Link Building Strategies at the Beginner Level
1. From the Alumni Sites

Many colleges have a dedicated section for alumni on their websites. So, you can start the linking process at the beginner stage. For example, some college sites show business listings on alumni sites.

2. Coordinate with the Surrounding Environment

Contact your relatives, friends, colleagues, and other surrounding people as there are chances that they are operating different websites and blogs. But, check the relevancy of the website to the blog with which you are connecting. For example, if you are connecting with an e-commerce website selling manufacturing mechanical instruments, then, this will not create much impact if you are not working on the same niche.

3. Outreach your Targets

Be specific and don’t hesitate to outreach your target. If you do not perform so, then, you can easily force them to find out about your link progression. The Amazon SEO expert can easily assist you in organizing each and every step for selecting the productive target from the very beginning.

4. Blog Directories

Submitting blogs in blog directories is a great way to add various clients. So, if you have a blog, you can submit.

5. Get a link from Chamber of Commerce

You can definitely get a link from the chamber of commerce but you have to wait for the right occasion to get in touch. Once you succeed in evaluating the right time and person, then, you can easily secure a potential link.

6. Submission in Company Directories

It is for sure that submitting websites in company directories is a good option. This is one of the best available options for getting relevant links for the website.

Link Building Strategies at the Intermediate Level

Whether you need to draft your link building strategies at the intermediate level or the advanced level, the search engine optimization services are the most preferred available solution. Look below to find out the link building strategies at the intermediate level.

1. Get Featured in Alumni Spotlight

This is one of the most effective strategies similar to alumni directories. Even, it has more importance than an alumni spotlight. You can easily feature yourself by simply listed in the article.

2. Customers’ Approval

Through the help of customers, one can gain knowledge regarding the feedback of product and services. If the customer has a massive social community or following, then you can easily create a link and blog post that can put forth your company in limelight.

3. Show the Best Tool Lists

There are different types of software and tools relevant to the specific industry. You can also publish the list for better link building strategies. All steps are taken to drive conversion securing a better ranking. Have a look at and know more about drive conversions through social media marketing conversions.

4. Bloggers Suggestion

There are many bloggers who can review your products or services. This is one of the most effective ways with the help of which one can create links.

5. Brand Mentioning

If your brand is available in the market without the link incorporation, then, you can incorporate links with your brand by sending linking request to prominent clients and customers. This is one of the most effective ways for the link building process.

6. Broken Link Replacement

This is one of the preferred and genuine steps which one can look for. This can be achieved with the help of some steps given below.

  • Evaluate the page that can be linked.
  • Search for the broken links on the page.

With the help of Webmaster, you can find whether broken links are replaceable with your preferred link. From evaluation to the incorporation, clients are widely relying on SEO Amazon web services.

7. Create Relationships

It is true that links that we get an indirect form while creating relationships for link building strategies. For link building, the given below steps should be followed.

Sharing Stuff: By sharing stuff like a piece of content, you might get a link as a favor.

Answer Questions: By simply answering questions to Twitter, Quora, one can find people relevant to the same industry.

8. Internal Linking

Internal linking is one of the preferable paths that you can opt for. Through the help of the internal linking, you can easily control everything like location and anchored texts.

Note: Never automate the internal links.

Incorporate links where it seems necessary and required. After link’s incorporation, mix the anchored text.

9. Newsletters

Finding a link in newsletters is one of the effective methods to find the organic source of traffic. The newsletter can belong either to yours or others.

10. Niche Community

Niche communities are a great source of organic traffic. One can easily get quality traffic and links with the help of the community that can be easily followed.

Advanced Link Building Strategies
1. Approach at Beginning

Finding and projecting a trending or unique post will help you in limelight; subsequently, it will help in gaining traffic.

2. White Hat Using Blog Network

If you want to present in front of most peeps, then share and organize non-competing blogs leaving comments. This will help you in the proper organization.

3. Buy Other Websites

First, evaluate websites relevant to your business and buy them. You can easily use the content, resources, and links independently or you can add to your existing website.


We have discussed the widely recommended and prominent link building strategies for SEO. The above-given link building strategies have covered different levels – from beginning to advanced – which you can implement either through SEO Amazon or other agencies.

By emulating the above-given link building strategies, one can secure a better ranking following Google’s algorithm, further, leading to traffic rise. To know more about SEO for better conversions and ranking, click here.


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