Top 10 Tips to Improve SEO Ranking in 2019 (Proven Hacks)

Jagdeep Bajwa / December 5, 2018

Each year SEO is becoming more complex and getting to the first page is more like crossing the Pacific with a broken boat.

In the end, only the higher ranking in search engines would drive traffic and helps you in generating leads, growing your business and build your brand presence in this competitive world. A lot of people still aren’t aware of the nut and bolts of Search Engines or major social media channels and hence couldn’t make it to the top league besides having updated content and optimized tags (That’s what SEO is all about Right?)

Well, not exactly, after tons of research and experiments, we’ve developed a complete guidebook, especially for better ranking in the upcoming years.

Stay with us and learn the top hacks to boost your website ranking in the upcoming year.

Table of Content

  1. 1. Google Rank Brain Algorithm
  2. 2. How To Make People Click On Your Link
  3. 3. Let Snipped Do All the Talking
  4. 4. The Comprehensive Content Values Way More
  5. 5. Add LSI Keywords To Your Content
  6. 6. Embed Videos into Text Blog
  7. 7. The Benefits of Social Media Presence
  8. 8. Implementing a Perfect Winning Strategy
  9. 9. Engagement Factor: Interact With Readers
  10. 10. Amazon Search

Lesson Number 1: Understanding the Working of Google Rank Brain Algorithm

Rank brain is the actual mind behind the searching process of Google. It helps Google to sort its search results and place them accordingly. In simple words, the rank brain is the science behind the searching and sorting of the results that are been implemented by searchers.

This Artificial Intelligence-based algorithm ranks website primarily on the interactions, searchers perform with it. More the interaction better would be the ranking!

Let’s say you search Shopify Services and got results


The result on the 4th number looks incredibly attractive, so you decided to give it a short and it was well worthy of more than just a glance and you have spent more time on this website as compared to the other websites in search results.

So, the rank brain would give it a boost and place it at the top of the search. Similarly, if the link placed on the first rank it will soon be replaced by the most clicked link.

It will soon be replaced by others (Probably the Fourth one)


Here’s The Gist


Do the Average Time Visitors spend on your page?


So, now you’ve got people reaching to your site and spending time in reading the content, well, the search engine would presume that visitors are getting valuable information from your page and it helps Google to drive them to the accurate results.

So, again it emphasis primarily on the content, remember, Google would like to generate the best results to the users, so they don’t have to search out over and over again.

According to the results that were published on websites, the average time span was 3 Minute and 10 Seconds. Further, it was seen that most of the top-ranked links on the first page have a similar time span.

Lesson Number 2: Make Them “Click”(Increase CTR)


Content like Shop Now | Buy Today | Read More | For More Info and all the others happen to drive a good amount of conversion as they allow visitors to reach directly to your landing page or wherever you want to.

So, Google is crowding out the organic search results with Answer Boxes, Carousels, “People also ask” sections and more.

Always try to stand out your SERP, or else they’ll be ignored.

Here’s how X-Men Movies Will Look Like


Here’s how Marvels has done it


SEO Tips 2019

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Lesson Number 3: Let Snipped Do All the Talking


Note: You cannot create a snippet if the keyword isn’t ranked on the first page.

How to get your snippet to rank?

Well according to the SEMrush most of the snippet that is featured are found to be of 40 -60 words long.

In a comprehensive study conducted over 7 Million snippets, it was found out that most of them are of 40 to 60 words. So, if you’re looking to push your snippets up in the stack, it’s always a great idea to follow the mentioned word length.

SMM Strategy

Here Are The Parameters To Increase the Probability of Getting Snippet


  • Use H2 or H3 subheadings for every item on the list
  • The search engine will pull those subheads from your content and put them in the featured snippet

According to various researchers, it has been predicted that the year 2019 will primarily deal in featured snippet

Lesson Number 4: The Comprehensive Content Values Way More


During the early days of Google (When Unique Content wasn’t much of the focus) the search engine was primarily concerned about how many times you have used a certain keyword.

For example, does your article has a keyword in

  • Title tag
  • URL
  • Image ALT text
  • Description tag
  • H1 tag

Well, they still analyze all this, but with a little more smartness.

Just for the context, Google is the no 1 source of information and its objective is all about providing best and relevant information to the searchers.

It doesn’t want them to shuffle between n numbers of pages to get the complete information. It is found that Google rewards comprehensive content with higher rankings, that offers the entire information on one page.

Here’s the graph

Content Length Graph

This means that instead of putting out 5 articles of 250 words, it’s better to target one having 1250 words.

Have you ever given a thought about the content Wikipedia or experts like Brian Dean publish?

They are extremely comprehensive and detail oriented, it got links, history, table of content (Index) and almost everything that covers the topic.

Make sure your content speaks louder and longer, so searchers don’t have to go somewhere else.

Lesson Number 5: Add LSI Keywords To Your Content


So once you’ve written a comprehensive article of around 1000 words,

The next step is to enhance its visibility through LSI keywords (Latent semantic indexing) that are strongly associated with the content that you’ve posted.

Once the search engine figures out the incorporation of the LSI keywords in the article, Google automatically believes it to be a Kick-Ass piece of content and hence helped it rank better and higher.

Adding phrases related to the keywords helps Google to understand your article in a more efficient manner and helps in improving the ranking significantly.

For example, when I search for Football Tricks, here’s what I got

SEO Skills 2019

To be more accurate and help my article rank better, I must add LSI keywords of relevant topic so it gets it perfectly well.

How to find LSI keywords?


The best and most effective way to find the LSI keywords is to search at the bottom of the page; the one which are highlighted in the blue could be used as the LSI.

LSI keywords

Lesson Number 6: Embed Videos into Text Blog


Have you ever noticed the blogs Neil Patel puts out, here’s how it looked at the first?

SEO Tricks 2019

Well, most of the people don’t have enough time in reaching out and reading all the words that you have written, videos are the best ways to reach out to the targeted audience and let you speak directly to them.


Adding multimedia to the content helps in engaging more people, it explains effortlessly and adding relevant screenshots helps in reaching more people.

Lesson Number 7: Social Media Presence Will Break The Ice


A Smartphone user checks out his social media profile for more than 10 times a day. Almost 70% of people swipe their phones to unlock notification being the first thing in the morning.

The term viral has been reincarnated by the social media, be it the race to be the most followed person on the Instagram or doing a Facebook live, we’ve been drinking and eating while constantly keeping an eye on the social profile. Now you can check how much time you spend daily on Facebook

It has been a buzz that the year 2019 will be a deciding factor in the history of social media, as they will have a huge impact in bringing more visibility to your brand on Internet as well as on search results.

Not, only it allows you to interact with the audience directly, but also help them in providing for people to reach out to them, so if you haven’t started building your brand on social media; its time you should start investing your time on them.

Lesson Number 8: Links + Unique Content + Stats = A Perfect Winning Strategy


Facts, stats, unique numbers and surveys, all of them are what helps content to reach out to more number of people.

Search engines love data as it helps them to collect data and process their system according to it. So, if your article or blog is filled with bar charts, data, numbers and all sort of unique information, then you’ve just nailed the art of content marketing and will now expect a boost in ranking.

Lesson Number 9: Interact With Readers and Address Their Problems Constructively


What do you think is the purpose of a blog or article?

What purpose does it solve?

Before you lock your write up within the complex walls of links and length, ask yourself why are you doing it?

It might be for gaining ranking or achieving the weekly blog limit that you have been told to do, but there’s also a flip part to it, and i.e. sharing information.

People from all walks of life love to know about stuff, some want to know about Moonwalk while some would like to get updated with the Kamakazi’s sales.

So, if you are providing your audience with the best-optimized information then be sure to get their response in forms of share, comments or even tags.

Google consider it as an authentic source of information and would boost its rank higher in the order. So, yes boost engagement and boost rank.

Lesson Number 10: Amazon Search


Amazon has rapidly become a parallel universe in the digital marketing landscape. Almost 56% of people visit Amazon before they buy anything on the web.

Amazon Strategy

Amazon’s algorithm works entirely on the internal searches as they help it to rank products according to various factors. So, if you are in anyway associated with E-Commerce, be sure to have a great positioning on the Amazon.

The basic SEO begins with Keyword research, optimizing title, bullet points, and product descriptions, providing right backend keywords and tracking customers review.

To Sum up

Here, we have mentioned what possibly would rule the SEO in 2019,

So, how you want to implement the optimizations, would it’ll be the Amazon or adding authenticity to your brand through audience engagement.

Do let us know in the comment section.

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