How to Choose Popular Custom Business Logo Designs

Jagdeep Bajwa / April 12, 2019

Before stepping into directly for choosing logo designs for your business, you need to understand the importance of a logo design. It is for sure that logos are the face of any company. We can say that logos are the foremost factor that is first noticed by clients and taken up as a recognition identity. From the selection of a logo to implementation, there are many factors to be considered.

But, how can a logo be the influencing point for your business?  A well-structured or well-designed logo depicts your professionalism, quality services, and other essentials related to your business. Even, some symbols as logos cite the first impression on behalf of your business i.e. your logos completely play a leading role whether customers are willing to your services. Therefore, custom logo design companies are playing a dominant role in your branding. In this informative page, we will cover essentials from scratch – why you should choose logos for your business, popular custom business logo designs and much more – to assist you in understanding and selecting right custom business logo designs for your business.

  • Why should you opt for a good business logo?

Business Logo


Every business wants to attract customers in the most efficient way and it is for sure customers will fall in love with your brand through spectacular logo designs. A logo is not just design but a vaster concept due to its illustrative nature. A customer can take essential information related to your business and let them understand whether your services are right for them.

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As your logo is an essential part of your business and needs to be placed at websites as well as business cards, it has to be great in each and every aspect. Every beginner was once a starter and if your business is on the same traction i.e. for becoming the best, you need a great logo design. Apart from citing the first impression on customers, to opt for your services, your logo has the enormous power to make your business ahead and stand out from competitors.

In the above-given section, we have discussed each and every aspect related to logos i.e. why you must go for a logo and importance. In the next section, we are going to discuss all factors to be considered while designing a great logo as well as popular custom business logo designs that you can choose for your business

  • Factors to be considered while designing a logo

Once you get the idea of your brand and other requisites, you need to transform your concepts into reality. There are different elements that we need to consider – shapes, colors, graphics, typography – for the creation of a great logo design. Look below to check out the steps.

Select the design style

No one can confirm the particular design style to be recommended for any business as it changes an individual’s brand entity. We have listed out different design styles which you can choose for your business.

Classic Style

Choosing trendy logos is a good idea but people feel bored after sometime. If you don’t want to choose trendy logos, then, classic design logos are a better available option for your requirement. Select an aesthetic one to dictate your brand in the most lucid way.


Classic Style

Vintage Style

Vintage style logos are also in trend and the best for companies offering old stuff or vintage-style services. Also, nostalgia lovers can find this logo most suitable and opt for this style. These vintage logos always go with the trend due to their aesthetic appeal.


Vintage Style


Minimalist and Modern Logo

These types’ logos always go with the present trend, depicting the modern style. The logo exactly creates a clean look with minimal details showcased. Covering lots of white spaces with minimal lines, the logos clearly create an up-to-date and appealing sense for customers.


Minimalist and Modern Logo

Quirky Style

These types of logos create a funny appeal especially for targeting young customers. The colorful and acute style help in creating a positive style or vibe; sometimes, these come with graphics and letters for the better illustration.


Quirky Style


Handmade Design

These types of designs clearly show the message of individuality and handmade quality. The design style is the complete blending of vintage, aesthetics, and authenticity. The design styles are simple as well as sophisticated.


Handmade Design

We have mentioned different style designs. Now, we are going to cover popular business design styles.

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  • Choose Popular Business Logo Design Styles

Mascot logo Design

A mascot logo can be in the form of animals, person or any other imaginary characters. They are used to represent professional teams. They are personifying the people of all ages and are easy-to-represent; further, easily recognizable and one of the best ways for online marketing.


Mascot Logo Design

Word-mark Logo

Don’t want to use a no-frill logo for your business? The word-mark is used by popular brands. These logos are the best way to depict any brand in a concise and lucid manner. Using simply the font size, letters, and colors, you can clearly represent your brand in the most creative way.

Word-mark Logo


 Pictorial Mark Logo

The pictorial mark consists of a simple mark or design. Globally, well-established brands use logos for representing their businesses. This can be in the form of icons or images. Using a simple pictorial brand, you can completely brand as well as represent your business.

Pictorial Mark Logo


Note: Whether you want to select the best popular custom business logos or allow us to evaluate a world-class logo design for your business, we are here to assist you.

Where can you find Custom business logo designs for your Business?

Having more than ten years of experiences, we, at “Icodebreakers”, have been offering custom business logo designs. Taking customers at the top-most priority, we are offering logo design services having thousands of clients. From planning before starting the designing process to designing any logo, we will take part to offer the best logo design best for your business. You can also suggest us or communicate with our expert designers for your exact requirement.

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