Five Hidden Features of Shopify Ecommerce Development

Jagdeep Bajwa / November 14, 2018

Add to cart, discount coupons, new product arrived and the scary text “The Product isn’t available” all of these have become a familiar face on the Shopify E-Commerce Development websites.

Quite recently; for around less than half a decade, the boom in the E-Commerce has reached almost every home and country across the globe. People have shifted their horizon to online shopping because of great options, exciting discounts, and every lasting sale.

So, if you are looking to start something on your own; then bidding on E-commerce won’t be a bad idea, but before you hop in make sure to choose a perfect platform that would carry a load of your success without crashing.

Be it Shopify or Magento store design services; each has its own benefits and in this session, we’ll be presenting some of the unknown facts about the most leading and insanely popular platform i.e. Shopify.

1. CMD + C

You must be wondering about what CMD + C stands for? Most of the times, those who are specifically associated with the coding would shy away from shortcuts as the majority would still call it as something that doesn’t make any sort of sense.

Ctrl+V or Ctrl+C, aren’t extremely time saving and efficient, let’s slack the big story short. All the shortcuts can be easily implemented on the Admin panel as well.

“Your Shopify admin let you move between pages, or add items such as products, pages, and discounts”

Just don’t spend your time shuffling through pages, when you can just jump off from one page to another like a pro.

2. Be Your Own Boss

An entrepreneur is not a guy from another planet; the only major difference is they choose to be their own boss and as a result of which they can take vacations whenever they want (Envious?) But, let’s see what options you have once you’ve decided to bring the heat on the table.

The platform Shopify, is extremely thoughtful and understands what it takes to be a leader? Majority of people always starts their store creation while having a regular 9 to 5 job and that’s where the trick begins.

Just log into Shopify and type boss! And just like that, your store will be disguised as an Excel spreadsheet.

3. Launching a Future Publishing isn’t Going To Be a Secret

There’s a fundamental rule that must be considered especially when you are in looking to grow your inventory, the rule says, never be out of stock!

Well, let’s talk about something that hasn’t been said publically, “Your customer choose you only because of the price that you offer, the moment there’s a change in the whole pricing plan, you might lose the whole chunk”

The best way to kill all the rumors is to direct your clients through an updated news or blog post that makes them known about anything new.

Well, kill it short and make sure to schedule all your news, blogs or any of the content well in advance. All these practices will help you in channelize your work and minimize any sort of unwanted situation. So you can spend Thanksgiving with your mates without being anxious about the blog.

4. Gift Cards Generator

Most of the people who use Shopify are not aware of this feature, now you don’t have to visit a Shopify web design service provider and get a gift card done. With the premium or unlimited Shopify plan, you have the opportunity to get the standard gift card so you can pamper your customers on festivals or even on their special days like birthdays and anniversary as well.

5. Categorized and Customized

So, after a fair share of time in being a seller; you finally got the chance to build a relationship with your customer and it’s time to take the take things on another level.

You can categorize the customers on the basis of the amount spend, their previous history. All these will help you in letting you know about the taste of customers and you can pitch them accordingly.

To Sum Up

Shopify isn’t just about making things look insanely colorful or changing themes accordingly. It’s much more than that; it can help you in understanding the buyer’s behavior and the way by which you can present your services in a much better manner.

We hope you had a great time going through our blog and will surely implement it in near future.  Happy Thanksgiving.

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