Are You Ranked on The First Page of Google Search For Your Cleaning Services?

Akansha Makhija / February 14, 2019

Almost 85.64% business is being snatched by the cleaning services sitting on the first page of Google. Your conversion shoots up to a staggering 79% if a visitor navigate through Google (Top Three Positions to Be Precise)

In a survey, conducted by an American agency, they found out that almost 56% of hotels and eating places, usually made the selection by run a query on Google for cleaning services.

So, if someone’s is living or operating a chain of hotels in the California and goes on the web to search California cleaning services.

The probably results would be

Ranking Status

Now, the results on the first page would be visited more rather than those buried on the second or third page.

If you’re not being placed on the first page of search results; the probability of getting business through Google would diminish quite a lot.

Here’s the Formula =”Your Service Name” + Location

If you’re not appearing on the top three results; there’s a relatively higher chances of not getting enough visibility and losing off on a huge chunk of opportunities.

Now, how often do you earn new leads and what’s the conversion rate, you’ve been going? In case, you’re not getting new clients every week, the probability of you being obsolete goes a crazy 75%.

This means, it doesn’t matter if you’ve got over 100+ clients per week, but if you are not adding new variables to your hood, you’re not growing ideally.

Three Check Points To Measure Your Growth (Confirmed by Nielsen)

1. You Are Depending On Fixed Variables

Almost 75% new businesses shutoff in first five years, the main cause: not exploring enough in bringing new client on board.

It’s time to get through all those enquired Emails and Messages that you got over the years? How much have you able to convert? What were the numbers?

Fact Time:

Premium Grease (Top Ranked Keyword’s Screen Short)


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2. Low- Client Retention Rate

Success Recipe of Business = Retaining Client + Adding New Clients Low- Client Retention Rate

If you’re service provider with a weak online reputation, than getting on the grid becomes a tough.

Each day a new player is entering the arena and bringing some flavors with them, some may offer discounts, Free First Visit, Gift Hampers Etc.

Analyzing the offers and promotions; Almost 70 to 80 percent customers choose not to stay with their service provider and would hire someone else.

Hence, Loss of User Base!

Questions To Be Asked?

  • How Many Customers Do you retain on an Average Quarter?
  • What percentage of Not Satisfied customers are there?
  • How’s your profit Growing?
  • Did you have new employees?
  • Have you able to deliver results, according to the plan you made while initializing the business?

3. You Are Not Innovating Enough?

Another important aspect that carries the ship on the sea depends on the innovation you’re bringing to the table.

A lot of brands have lost a well settled business because of playing it too safe.

If you’re not innovating enough, you’remeasuring the road to reach the end of the cliff.

“4 out of 5 top smart phone brands spends more Research and Development for New Ideas”

“8 out of 10 Software Companies, invest a huge chunk into Psychological Engineers to understand user Behavior and expectations”

A Five Star Plan to optimize Your Cleaning Business with Guaranteed Boost in ROI

1.  Keywords Keep you in the Race

The first step in your local SEO campaign is to compile a list of keywords that reflect your services.

So, if you’re ranked first on the keyword “Professional Cleaning Service” it directs the searcher with an impression of a professional.

Most of the customers choose for professional service provider rather than service provider.

Studies have reviled about the enriching keywords based domain are more helpful in getting a website ranked on Google other than the ones that aren’t anywhere near the horizon of work that you’ve been.

For, better results use you can use a tool like Google’s Keyword Research Tool to see the average monthly volume of searches a certain word or phrase is getting.

Want a free audit for your website?

So, when you enter a keyword on search planner, you’re simply telling Google “To bring out Similar Ones”

Question Time:

  1. How Many cleaning Service Based Keywords Have You Been Ranked on the First Page?
  2. Which Keyword Drives You Maximum Traffic Volume?
  3. Where does the Keyword Navigate to the visitor?
  4. What Are The CTAs on the Landing Page and How often they were changed?

2.  Build Citation links Can Improve Business X5

Citations: The local SEO is extremely fruitful especially if you’re not a global service provider. A lot of people and agencies have started their business by capturing local markets.

More than 75% successful businesses have launched their services in the local areas and later migrate it to the Global scale.

Here are the Top websites For Local Citation Business


Pro Tip: You can choose such general national directories as Facebook, such general local directories as your Chamber of Commerce website

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3.  How To SEO Each Page of Your Cleaning Business

Take NAP on Each Page: The pages of your website must have enough information for even a casual visitor.

At least provide Name, Address and Phone number. Think of it as a signature that has been included on the bottom (Footer of each page)

Add as much as local information, you can add a decent Bio or about us page mentioning the landmarks or popular places around your office.

One of the most Useful TIP is to add relevant websites links on your articles or blog posts, so you can help Google know who you actually are. (Adding high DA/PA links)

4.  Vibrant Social Media Presence

A smart phone user spends almost 2 to 3 hours on social media scrolling on Newsfeeds and your potential audience might be just there looking for you.

Seriously, if you don’t have a business page on Facebook, you need to create one.

Not only is advertising on Facebook super easy, it’s also an incredibly fast way to gain new clients. Facebook also gives you another place to ask for reviews. Potential clients read 3-6 reviews before deciding whether to buy from a company.

What’s your social media presence? Do you have your page updated regularly? What’s Your Strategy?

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5.  Work on Ads Without Being Annoying

Ad copies matters a lot in terms of reaching out to customers and generating potential leads. If you have just entered a new business than reaching out to the pinnacle could be a tough ask.

Adding a catalyst of paid Ads and let people know, you are on.

With relevant strategies, you can boost your business to reach almost 3 to 5 Million people with an expected 10X to 15X returns of your best financial year.

Reach More Customers Online

We’ll help you earn visibility for the keywords your target audience is searching, and earn more customers for your cleaning services.

To Sum Up

This Year make sure to increase your audience with better ranking on search engine. We hope you had great time learning about the tricks and tips necessary for a budding business prospect in cleaning services.

The mentioned points have proven benefits in terms of business prospects and reaching out for better potential leads.

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