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Initial Project Status

Initially these products are not listed on eBay. We have listed these products on client’s eBay store and then optimize them for better ranking and bring conversions on products. Firstly, we started with On Page optimization including keyword research, writing Title + description + bullet points and image optimization. Our strategy involved the production and marketing of long-form content, product conversion optimization, long-tail keyword targeting and more numbers of reviews on the product.


Ebay SEO Work

After completing the on page I started off page by which targeted products get traffic by generating back links from other related websites. Keywords get started to rank on eBay. For this I have done different tasks i.e. blog comments, forum posting, blog posting etc which are beneficial for website traffic and keyword ranking.

eBay keywords + Quality written content = eBay SEO at it’s finest

The Goal

Client looking for listing his products on eBay and improvement in ranking on eBay.co.uk, more numbers of conversions and five star rating on his targeted products.

amazon banner seo

The Improvememt

There is improvement in keyword ranking as well as the Product traffic. Targeted products traffic has increased 253 percent since the start of our eBay SEO campaign. Within 3 months, organic conversions have jumped 752 percent.

graph statics
In the last 8 months, organic conversions have jumped 752 perent.
Targeted products traffic has increased 253 percent since the start of our Amazon SEO campaign

The Challenge

There are lots of listings listed on eBay with same niche, and they are listed on eBay from past 2 years. It was a challenge to compete with these stores and get ranked for targeted keywords on eBay.co.uk. We started with listing products on ebay and then work for get good ranking and rating for these products on ebay.co.uk. We successfully got more high ranking as well more numbers of sales on the products with good rating.

The Result

We successfully met the challenge of improvement in keyword ranking, organic sales and five star rating on the product.

Initial Ranking Status

Initial ranking status of the targeted keywords.

initail status of ranking

The Goal

Let’s have a look below:

final status of ranking

Client Review

Ebay 235 hours
Jan 2015 - March 2015 $25.86 / hour
★★★★★ 5.00 $6,077.10 Earned

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