Rightly said, “Shopify never stops on astounding everyone with its incredible announcements”. Shopify has recently launched an “exchange” on their platform, permitting business owners to sell their business online. The growing popularity of   Shopify eCommerce development with ongoing updates to Google’s search engine ranking algorithms, the world of marketing has incredibly changed. Unique and functional websites have become perquisite necessity with the successive advent of competition. It has become hard for entrepreneurs and marketers to come up with the overarching trends that prevail in the society.  Are you looking for reliable Shopify web design and development? If yes, then look, no further iCode Breakers an eminent Shopify e-commerce development company will aid you in each and every stage of customized development.

Shopify ecommerce development

Shopify ecommerce development

It’s no astonishing that millennia prefer online shopping and marketing. The exchange allows business owners to purchase the existing Shopify store from the growing catalogue of existing online stores. Now prospective online entrepreneurs can even skip setup and start selling by just purchasing the whole online business from the design assets. Even these are clearly early days of the marketplace, there are more than 200 stores listed for sale starting from $49 to $ 650, 00.  Further, the exchange doesn’t charge fees to buyers who are just looking to view website Url or who are seeking to contact the seller.

Prevalent to e-commerce experts, online sales will surely experience growth from $335 billion in 2015 to gigantic $ 523 by the year 2020. Trends in IT industry are changing at the incredibly faster pace than ever. Web designs that were following last year would fade this year.  Shopify eCommerce development from the experts, who are very well aware of trends is always overwhelming. Sustain your prestige without any inconvenience with Shopify development.

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