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Jagdeep Bajwa / January 31, 2018

Prevalent to expert’s predictions global retail from ecommerce sales will get double in upcoming years and will most probably reach almost 5 billion U S dollars in 2021. Evidently digital commerce is exclusively on the roll and one needs to cope with the trends as who fails to stay afloat will be eaten up by the competitors in this cut-throat environment. Trends, no qualm create straightforward lasting changes that not only reform the way people shop but also the way they live.

Wondering how Shopify is premium ecommerce platform?

The world of ecommerce is continually embryonic and fabricating the new opportunities to build the lucrative business based services and tools that would assure the merchants success. Shopify, is the best ecommerce platform for the online stores and retail point-of-sales system. Even, more than 500, 000 ecommerce stores (in approximately 175 countries) are now powered by Shopify. Shopify web design; being prerequisite part of ecommerce store needs prime consideration prior to actual implementation. Not only Shopify designers, allow ecommerce entrepreneurs to build world-class brands, but also thrive to provide them custom Shopify themes within stipulated budget and needs.

Why to opt for Shopify

  • Managed web hosting:  Shopify host sites and take prolific care of the server maintenance and upgrades. From choosing an idiosyncratic design template and adding products to customizing theme and adding functionality, Shopify offers everything, you desires while starting the business.
  • Elite library of marketing tools:  Shopify offers more than 1500 apps to extend the functionality of the online ecommerce store. It too prolifically aids in marketing, optimizing store as per SEO, manage day to day activities and even helps in tracking exclusive sale trends.
  • Exclusive feature rich management:  Shopify offers superb WYSIWYG content management system that is ample and very easy to formulate.  Shopify provides the comprehensive control over the content, page navigation, images and many more attributes for building the feature rich captivating stores or websites.
  • Straightforward backend administration:  Shopify has a simple backend system, making administrative chores easy. As, a store owner, you needs not to spend time over the backend to set up the things, add products and serve the customers fruitfully.


Uncover common mistakes that you might be making as Shopify store owner!!

  • Not setting up a primary domain:  Setting the primary domain is exclusively important to redirect the traffic over your ecommerce store or website. If you don’t do so your customers will only see URL instead of a customized domain name.
  • Using poor quality images, logos and banners:  Images are the biggest factor that can build or dissolve the customers trust. Oversized banners and logos, sounds quite unprofessional and even decrease the loading speed of your ecommerce store.
  • Over addition of features:  features can be added to shopify store to provide supplementary functionality. But, maintenance of balance while adding features and cluttering the site is exclusively important, as over addition will lower the loading speed drastically.
  • Bold color combination:  Customization over the Shopify is boundless; however, it often leads to the annoyance, when one tries to make the utterly unique store. It is vital to stick to color schemes and font sizes that don’t impose strain on the eyes, to retain the potential customers without any hassle.
  • Ignoring the responsiveness testing over multiple devices before launching:  Although, you have done exclusive hard work while building the ecommerce store from the scratch, testing over the various devices is obligatory. You might need resetting of images or content, to assure that they stay consistent on all devices.


Running ecommerce store is thrilling business venture, as it is the great way to amplify the business revenue, so it should never be taken lightly as things might go wrong with your single erroneous step. We being certified Shopify experts offer exclusive Shopify ecommerce development services by leveraging the elite 2018 trends to skyrocket the sales and growth. Take a look at our impressive services to reveal new horizons of your success!!

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